The Other

Do i ever meet that insane other
who sees life through my twisted eyes
as a whole i surmise an unknown grace
like a delicate bubble troubled in love,
a mezmirizing space fulled with new and old.
I hold that thought, caught up in these dreams,
I hear your screams pierce through my life
like a knife weilding wild to the heart of me,
yet it be…
Two souls had met before our eyes did see,
before our minds did think,
before our skin did breathe.
Between our lips we speak across a time,
a time we’ve found that’s ours to keep
to shape and mould each day we wake…
each night we sleep.
Deep you slice through all,
a wall i have built crumbles to my feet
like fire’s heat to a coal to the earth…
an unmatched birth of magical.
Gentle beneath the hard wood i see through,
through lies i disguise the words i don’t say
a day dawning undiscovered and coloured,
covered up without the grey.
My heart rhythyms to the emotions of want
as i hunt breathless…
beneath the very boughs from which it stems
out and into me it cries
wrapped in a haven of soft petals and blue skies.
My eyes close to the touch of the breeze
bended knees as she carries you near
on a whisper echoed without fear i believe,
yet will it be…
That time will set us together free


  1. Brilliant work Dominique

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