I walk naked through this masquerade ball
unashamed of the flesh I’m born
as masks lies disguise roaming eyes,
glittering grand gestures of lure
like a cure to my curiosity steel hooks you seek
beneath my skin I’m weak as your hands close.
But I am like the yearning rose you do not know,
my thorns expose spilt reddened blood…
drained truth as your veils wilt
desirously…I seek what you do not speak.
Lips move but few move me
as my heart feels a voice of another crazed soul
I am entranced in your dance…
drenched in your rain…
without shame I feel you feel me.
Drawn to the energy of your life, my thorns,
like a knife expose the windows you hide
with eyes wide I see you bleed.
I feel the need to unravel you complete,
wrap you warmly in delicate silk sheets…
feel the heat on my skin beneath soft hands
as we roam wildly across the lands of desire
a fire sizzles…ravages the spirit of delight
like a ferocious love fight for pure ecstasy
it be within…within you
somewhere new it be out there twisting
into thoughts seductive I’m delude…
my wanting feelings exude.
Against the deep night or the light of day
a daydream floats around my dangerous mind
as I find images of bliss within this kiss
my entity crumbles…
I stumble, tripped up on heartbeats that melt me.
Do you see what I see.

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