This day i am weak

This harrowing day has consumed me with bleak
as I cannot speak I shut the door…
I am weak, saturated in my own sorrow,
sick in my own destruction of self of love.
like a glove squeezing taunt against a gaunt heart
wrenching apart my clinging threads of mind
left behind as I try to fill my day with matter…
I shatter.
As I cannot speak I shut the door,
today I want no more than a gently hand to reach me
touch me…
just be as though I have some kind of intent,
bent up and busted inside my beating chest
today my suffering finds no rest.
Black clouds hang dark to suffocate my space,
a face left faceless suspended and void
yet an asteroid of emotion lives within me.
I look around this day and I want to see
eyes wide open searching free but I am weak
as I cannot speak I shut the door.
Where do I go, what do I feel?
This real we call our waking hours in days,
surreal to me my heart’s blaze burns cold…
and I am old,
grown tired, uninspired of a sequestered soul
I lye ailing, dribbling down this lonesome hole.
Today I want no more than a gentle hand to reach me,
touch me… understand
that I hunger day and night in this demented fight
to reach new heights in connection of a kind,
yet today I find I am weak…
as I cannot speak I shut the door.

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