Disgraced by hate

Is it a mad minds endeavor I paint each night
boarding this dimensional flight to no where
as I stare frenzied over the edge of what is
I am dizzy, rolled out red…
bled over the watershed of life.
Strife strikes its blunted blade
across a tirade of prodigal preaching the damned,
hauled out and slammed down filthy pits
this race… disgraced by hate.
Love suffocated…unable to breathe
as darkness weaves her way around me
I see..
ravaged hearts rusted gold to black,
a shack of unshakable poverty roams
through broken homes of bloodied glass walls
she calls…and darkness falls.
This race disgraced by hate
as though fate had set it free
we stand by silently,
our eyes closed to humanity we claw our way,
drag our souls over rows of nails
a failed nation on the rails of ruin.
Inside I die a little…
like a withering tree, brittle and bitter,
twisted up in a time of torched minds
and scorched moulds brought up without hope
as a rope strangled around my swollen throat
I choke…
Mangled clouds of torrid smoke hang high
as hate shapes this age with rings of gore
I pray the voices of the angels fall and soil these ashes.
From dusk to dawn my spirit lashes out in longing,
Lacerated and hated belonging to light
I will fight for peace as this race lives…
disgraced by hate.

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