Archives for October 31, 2015


One word, One Life, One Vision.

For me life is a puzzle that takes an existance
to figure out the messed up pieces.
I wish I could have done this differently, done
that better, worked on that greater or Loved
that girl stronger.

Life is more like a car,when you start it you
know you’re going somewhere, but you gotta
know the road ain’t easy.

My life is like a book, chapters on a loose, lost
pages on the floor, ended up hooked to this
and that and before I knew it, I was writing
one bestseller book, Lovely.

In spite of the fact that men don’t live by
bread alone but by the word, only the word of
He said men shall eat by the sweat of their

Life, Life, I feel like grabbing a knife and
sculpture it my way.
We live in a way too moralless era, Manners
aren’t manners, Right isn’t right, where
shocking looks pretty.

I mean, Life must be adventureous, God
Devotional, Breath taking, Amazing, Risk
Taking, Entrepreneurial.
Men are careless and incogitent said J
Everything under the sun wither, either shiny
or blemish.

Life reminds me of the wind that I feel, I
know I’m alive when breathing it but I still
can’t see it even though Men made great
things out of it, Pathetic.
I want to be on top of the world, I’m on my

My enemies want to take me down, I’ve been
caught on my crime scene but I found my Alibi
in my God who stands on my side, My hope of

I don’t care anymore whatsoever worksheets
Life will put on my desk, I will man up and
work it out.

This is Life.