Secrecy Bill

White paper burns, as hot as a flame
Just printing with censors, not the governments shame
The red in our flag, is it the colour of blood?
Of our human rights, flowing away like a flood?

Don’t hide away, let us see the corruption
The country must not go deeper, no economic suction
But as a united country, we must not yield
We must play the best with the cards we are dealed

So let’s turn our pages into pages of truth
With plain hard facts, understood without being a sleuth
Eliminate the cowardly cloud of secrecy that’s hovering,
We must protest and demand to see what they’re covering

We must know about bribery, corruption and dealings
Doesn’t it take away our expression and feelings?
This bill can prosecute a journalist or a whistleblower
For telling their secrets, could we sink any lower?

In these dark times, where is the light
Oblivious to what’s going on, how can we fight?

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