Archives for May 31, 2013

Child slain

By whose’s hand was this child slain?
So young at this age and harmless
is it revenge leaving her mother in such pain?
How could men be so godless?
Surely there’s something wrong in Their brain.
Or their hearts are as bold and plain.
They deserve to be amerced with heavy fine.
Though child slain wasn’t mine
my heart ache for that womb she was born.
Though i know not her mother as a friend
am sure she feels the life of those man must end.
For all the pain and tears her child shed,
the child’s life is gone
but her killers inhale well fed in jail.

Poetic Justice

I mean I write truth in these poems

I the defender
Could find no defence for myself
I was judged by a jury of my peers
And found guilty
Even though he were the accused

I looked to an officer of the peace
But he could offer me none
I searched the systems
And spoke to the Lady
Justice was not shown
You are not beyond reasonable doubt

Now I say these words
They stand in judgment
Jailing you in a rhyme
That holds indisputable TRUTH

This is the only retribution I’m gonna receive
Declarations to the world
Put in a poem
This is my justice
Its poetic justice