Archives for May 1, 2013


Empty tears that fall from empty eyes
Silenced lips that speak no life
Darkened heart crushed by man’s defeat
Search for truth and vow
Clear as shadow water
Your hope, the silver string of time
Your spirit, the phoenix of decline

Unwelcomed love

It didn’t matter that he’d given her a black eye the night before,
he was still there,
It mattered little that he spit in her face,
abused her name and left stripes on her back from his army belt,
never letting her out of his sight
At least he stayed,
No other man had stayed after seeing her disfigured face,
caused by fire that killed her mother and made her father go away,
That put her in Foster homes for naughty children,
Who don’t listen to their mother’s and play with matches

The Morning After The Night Before.

I searched and wandered the morning, I found mist and dew, I found cold shadows, I found damp.
I found cold grey hillsides sheathed in a spongy blanket of moss, I found trees and ferns that dripped tears of water collected throughout the nights dreary hours, I found heavy hung clouds that were in a rush to retreat to the hills.

I found shattered shards from tipped and toppled glasses that only a few hours ago contained happiness, wit and long forgotten stories that had matured into exuberant and loaded with lavish yet like-able tales.
I found damp embers of wood that earlier warmed us and nourished our souls, the flames that licked the skies now long gone. I found a dance-floor sized spread of flattened grass and soggy soil that had once moved with us to a musical tune.

I found early morning birds with ruffled feathers scavenging lawns in search of a easy breakfast, shrugging off the cold as they went about their chores that were driven by evolved instincts.
I found dustbins that had been bastardly savaged and its contents examined and strewn across pathways, the edible delectables stolen to the hills, care of a troop of manic monkeys.

I found that the morning was groggy, along with my head. I found myself tracing my steps back to the warmth and security of my blankets. I found myself sniffing at the sodden air, somehow expecting the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, some salvation.

I found the sun breaking over the crest of the highest peak. I found others strolling around the gardens, holding their heads low, perhaps searching for what I was just looking for.

This morning I found life in the mundane, I found life in my surroundings, I found life.