Archives for May 20, 2013


Tomorrow called my name aloud
Said it true and said it proud
Said it with the will of one
Who knows his duty done

Tomorrow called my name aloud
Hiding truth behind that bitter shroud
Knowing that the words he said
Would fill my ice-cold heart with dread

Tomorrow did his duty true
Brave and cold and knew
that life would never be the same again
once I knew of Tomorrow’s gain

Tomorrow trembled as he saw my eyes
Saw the fear and saw the wise
and knew I knew the message true
and what his words would bring me to

I saw Tomorrow regret the day
that he took a young girl’s hope away
I saw him weep and plead
For a young child’s hollow seed

The branch that would never grow
never simple blossoms know
Instead would lie in Forever’s hands,
Tomorrow’s and his ally,