Ode to myself

No words will ever describe,
Your beautiful description.
Your image pierces an unexpected distraction.
My God, you are beautiful!
How are you able to deny that?!
Muhle intombazane, Aḻakāṉa

Golden glow, more than a suns kiss
Soft smooth stretched bronze
Scents of cocoa, sweetness and spices
Decorated with strips and stripes
Cautious to a hands touch,

Belowing black mass of mess
Fingers run in unrefined silk
Staining pillows with flower smells
A crown on a boredroom princess
Enthrall, entangle, ebony

Brown eyes and big smiles
Full cheeks n dimpled sides
Dimpled everything.
Unprecedented voluptuousness
Filling, struggling, tugging, squeezing
Mocked and worshiped

Small hands, worked feet
Deep voiced and bright mind

You are a beautiful woman.
Believe it.

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