Love Story Template

Unrepentant scars trail along a nuanced cheek
Violence couldn’t help but settle on this delicate face
Times and troublesome vibes
Delirium substitutes for something like genuine happiness
Cold shoulders writhe together
A spark results from this putrid friction
It threatens, this spark
It threatens to set everything ablaze
Seconds are counted
Every single one of billions
Billions of filthy seconds, suiciding themselves away
The bed where warmth is supposed to shelter
It has become the pit where insides tangle and swelter

Built so long ago, in other lifetimes
It was supposed to be the inside of a womb
The certain safety of an eternal tomb
It was supposed to be
The place where hearts and heads melted into one
Little ones shrieking with delight
Leaving their tiny footprints on sands and blades of pristine grass
Yet, it never amounted to any of that
Years disappeared and expectations began to erase
This abomination managed to swell and become a giant
Trudging along, engorged on routine and the numb sensation

The wounds were self-made
Made together
Made to each other
Just a simple way to remind these hearts
To keep beating, keep eating
Keep kneeling, keep being

Lovers inhabit coated shells
They bounce along a stream towards certain doom
Devoid of knowing
Wanting the connection to sever
Never knowing how to justify the endeavour
Two souls drift alone
Together forever

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