Just Love

I’ve felt love, never left it to trust myself,

hence the session I cussed and lust just set my wealth.

It’s a pretty penny, paper, faker than the Us they sell.

Hand in hand I planned it to crack our shells,

but I’ll be dammed if I’ll stake “my” to “self”

my design and the way we felt,

its my demise rife in the way she helped

and I hate the “I” in the pride we held.

Decide the safest way to break the ice we melt,

played the joker, folks holdem in the times we dealt.

Shout for the blizzard, I’m bringing winter in troves

losing my mind alone throwing hope at these ghosts.

Boasts, she couldn’t find her soul roped in these poems,

tucked gently, hence the reason I chose,

the season I’m promised through the beauty she holds.

The duty I conceded to boast in the movement that duly unfolds,

a pearl of wisdom spinning the world that she knows,

and surely I’ll wake with my heart frozen and cold?

dreams cracked by the mistakes and the stones that I’ve hurled

times change, but I’m changing the “I” in me first

lie to me breathing the fire that pries at my worst

and tries every second to recollect the sighs that I’ve cursed

by my only wish and I’m dying to change

by reinvention, not intent to die in this place

but who am I? I rely on the habits you break

and the sadness in my soul resigned to the depths of this lake

revived to allow the whole world to witness my life as it breaks

yet when she smiles its like my thirst quenched by her name

through my driest summers I promise her words are the rain

and the darkest winter nights, skies brighten with the sight of her face

the sweetest dew in tulip fields colours couldn’t match her shades

all my love in a heart shaped locket hanging from the threads of my faith

and I dread the hour headed this way,

with every breath I’m blessed with I’ll live for the day

to hold you and tell you I care

to show the truth that I’m blessed to just know you were there

to whisper sweet nothings that encompass my prayers

when my casket gets lowered and I’m alone in my thoughts

I want the depths of your eyes to be the last image I caught.

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