Archives for September 25, 2013

Back In Time

Lord when I die and leave this world behind;

I have one request, could You take me back in time;

I want to see if I never hurt her would she still be mine?;

Or would we have drifted apart anyway regadless if I wasn’t blind;


I feel guilty, I was the cause of her pain;

I’m the reason she was forced to walk away;

Love was never as good since that day;

I want to see if I did it different would our story still end the same;


I know because of her I changed;

She thought you never heard her when she prayed;

But you did answer even if in our time it came a bit late;

She ain’t here anymore to enjoy the answer anyway;


Since her I’ve just never found love the same;

Like an addicts first high;

It’s never as good as the first hit, no matter how hard they try;

Why did You send her while I was still blind;


The combination of her is near impossible to find;

All I ever wanted, Lord infact you blew my mind;

Impossible to replace, I should know cause I’ve tried;

Thought I found it a few times but it was just a lie;


Could you send her back this way please;

Oh wait, she’s already married;

That man was supposed to be me;

I’m over us, I just miss how love once used to feel;


God knows I’ve treated every girl since like Heaven’s only wings;

Still it fails and they up and leave;

If she ain’t the one, then who else could it be;

If I do it all right, then what am I missing;


I long for love and a family;

I’m getting older with time, Lord do You hear me?;

I know you have perfect timing;

But I’m sick of bieng lonely…..

Death within a dream

Because wind timorous of silence, and
Light snivels for the dark,
We bear time impedes.
Half peeked colors painting the blue,
Or half full moon missing mere hue.
When detest and care entwine to haze, or
Sky arrests the soul and beauty dies in flash.
When shadows hide in the dark and tears dry in eye,
Blue in eye I will see. But before you,
fair summer timid to show her brow,
And meager bloom veils in tired earth. Or
Perhaps all is but a dream in a dream within a dream.