Crossed My Mind

Babygirl I thought of you today;

Wonder If I ever cross your mind in the same way;

Though it’s been some time since we went seperate ways;

I miss our past days;


You cross my mind from time to time;

It’s not that I want you back,I just wished we never crossed the line;

I miss my friend the most;

A confidant I could turn to in troubled times and not your ghost;


I haven’t told you this due to a prideful heart;

Kept it to myself because it don’t matter since we been apart;

Beauty like yours has been hard to find;

Guess it’s one of the reasons you often cross my mind;


Roses 24/7 your face is heavens reflection;

Your love was more than just affection;

Do you remember these lines;

The first one’s I wrote to you when you became mine;


You were gold in the slip stream I surely missed;

I always knew since that first kiss;

I some how know I’m not really missed;

But I look at the falling stars and you are still my only wish;


Looking around for any sign;

That the Lord might once again make you mine;

But it seems to be a trick my heart tries to play on my mind;

But my happiest times nowdays are those times you often cross my mind….


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