Every Year Every Christmas

Months have passed;

So Christmas time is close;

The one time of the year I miss you the most;

A year ago this time I had your love so true;


But it won’t feel like Christmas without you;

Who will make me smile like I used too;

No one to spoil just because;

Winter will be twice as cold without us;


Been single since us two;

My choice, was done trying after you;

Alot have tried, but I just wave then smile;

Im over us, I just miss you from time to time;


I rose from my last fall;

Much better than I was before;

Your love matured me much more;

Even if you closed my hearts door;


Tears sometimes still fall;

But I’ve picked up my heart from off the cold floor;

So in essence I’m all good;

But my best friend, I still miss you….


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