Heaven’s Only Wings

When you left you promised you wouldn’t be back again;

Yes that same day I lost you my friend;

The day my heart fell and soul went dead;

When Forever and a day came to a sudden end;


You left me in a broken home;

I had no choice but to stand alone;

Never chose this, you wanted to be gone;

Sitting by myself, scrolling through pictures of you on my phone;


I gave you everything;

You never lacked a thing;

But you left me with less than nothing;

Only had tear stains on my cheeks and endless pain;


Been almost a year since that day;

So what made you come back this way;Never expected you to push your pride aside after all the hurt;

Thought the bridges between our hearts you up and burned;


I’ll never be back were your famous last words;

So leave me alone;

Never want to see you again;

I don’t want to hear you just made a mistake;


It’s far too late babe;

I’m sorry you were to blind to see;

I treated you better than a King would his Queen;

You saw too late that I treated you like heaven’s only wings….


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