Just Once More

Girl I need you close;
I miss you so;
Guess it’s true, you reap what you sow;
Or that’s how the saying goes;

Seeing your beauty everyday is what I miss most;
Should have done more to convince you not to go;
I even miss our fights, not just good times but even our lows;

My knees are glued to the floor;
Asking God for another once more;
Every time the bell rings I hope it’s you at the door;
But it’s just some girl I used to know;

Girl I’ve learnt my lesson I don’t want to live alone no more;
Every time the phone rings I hope it’s your call;
Never is so I guess you don’t miss us anymore;

My mind plays tricks on me I imagine that girl was you I saw;
God bless the day you were born;
You changed me from the mess I was before;

I loved you once;
Could I just love you once more?

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