The Reason Why

Been years since we talked girl you and I;

Since you left I’ve changed my life;

I’m not the same guy;

The only thing missing was my smile;


But since we started talking;

I can’t stop smiling;

We talk now as if we just met;

Even though years ago our love story came to a sudden end;


I at times reminisce about us back then;

Wishing to be more than just friends again;

I look at you now, how could I have been so blind;

This 5 star stunner once used to be mine;


Loved me 24/7 through the pain never left my side;

I’ve never stopped missing you I can’t even lie;

I try but you can read between the lines;

I know I’ve been replaced by another guy;


I know you miss me too even if you try to deny;

I know you too well, I can see through that disguise;

I know it’s hard to to trust me after all the times I made you cry;

But years without you, you’re the only one for me I’ve come to realise;


I’m just askin for you to try;

Then let your heart decide;

You bieng gone has up and flipped a 360 in my life;

Had alot after you, if you’re not the one then why do I still dream of you at night?;


Why have I forgot every other girl, but for you I still have this fire;

You’re still my heart’s only desire;

I’ve got it all, money, cars, girl’s at my every touch, this VIP lifestyle;

But when I’m alone in my room it’s only you on my mind;


I don’t need any of this, I’ll trade it all just to have you as my girl again;

If I loose all this I can work and get it back anytime;

But I lost you and nothing I have or do can bring you back again;

See how I’ve changed my state of mind;


You’re the most valuable thing in my life;

I saw it only after you left me that night;

You leaving wiped away my smile and since I just ain’t been right;

But since today, my reason to smile has come back, you’re that reason why…..

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