Thugs Are Born

Thugs are born;

Cause fathers were never there and left a young nigga on his own;

Needed love from a dad;

But he dipped, so mamma was the only love we ever had;


Turned to the street;

Place where fatherless kids meet;

Thug life family;

Used drugs to subside the pain;


Promised never to love again;

Violence on the block never cease;

Wouldn’t be this way if my father loved me;

Forever hated by police;


Never understood peace;

Always bringing heat, though I’m innocent, Narcs wanna arrest me;

So I was born to be a thug nigga;

Hard to carry on when nobody loved me;


I may have a job and a fly car;

But street life is never far;

So when I’m stressed;

Return to my niggas to undo this mess;


Nigga’s always got my back no matter how far I roam;

In times of trouble, just reach for the phone;

Niggas always answer and are ready to roll;

That’s why I love the hood;


Showed me the love I wish my father would;

We ain’t killers, just young niggas misunderstood;

Came from a life of abuse;

Trying to live free, Asking “Dad where were you?”


But I’m glad I never had a dad;

Taught me to be street smart;

So I could get the best of life when times got hard;

Education is all good;


But life happens at the end of school;

So I’m always one up on the rest of you;

When life makes you cry;

I sit back and smile;


Cause while you were schooled by books I was by life;

I earned respect everwhere I go;

Niggas as I pass screaming ” Awam Kribo”

So to those who don’t know;


Thugs are born and raised by the street;

I never chose this Thug Life;

This Thug Life chose me.

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