Who Knew

Girl it’s been years since you walked away;

Our song still reminds me of that day;

How much I’ve grown, how much I’ve changed;

Became who you wished I’d be even though it came too late;


Today I sit and reminisce;

About that once in a lifetime girl I missed;

So focused on the past, I mistreated God’s gift;

After you, I promised I’d never let another oppourtunity slip;


Treat every girl like heaven’s only wings like I promised;

Never hurt any girl since;

So even If you’re my only regret;

Because you loved me through the pain every girl after you enjoys the benifit;


I cry at times wishing I woke up just one day before you left;

Wishing I had this knowlege back then;

Never had a dad who cared, I know that’s no excuse;

But that’s one of the biggest reasons I ran you through;


I was a baby raised in broken home, where love was expressed through pain, the only kind of love I ever knew;

I didn’t know how to treat a woman, no one ever taught me how too;

I learnt as I went, I was ran though by the girl before you;

So I was still stuck in the hurt of yesterday, guess you never knew;


Who knew the one girl I ran through;

Would be an angel in disguse called you;

Sent by God to ease my past pain;

Who knew that kind of true love would be so hard to find again;


Never hurt another regardless how they do;

Before I react I’m reminded of the day I lost you;

So I stay silent, tears fall I kiss her and walk away, keeping the promise made because of you;

The other girls laugh, thinking I’m just a fool they can walk over and use;


But if they could only read my mind, if they only knew;

The cost of me treating them as good as I do;

The reason they get a man who women beg God to send, is all because of you;

Your broken heart was never wasted, your love made the impossible come true;


The world gave up on me said I’ll never change, but who knew;

God removed the impossible and the angel He chose was you;

I’m sorry for the tears and pain, if only I knew;

I’d have held you close and never let you get away;


Who knew you’d be so hard to be replaced;

Beauty and true love, girl they don’t make them like you;

That’s how I know You were sent from above, your love was the truth;

After us, i’ve had a few, treated them like I should have treated you;


Even though I did it all right, it still fell through;

Guess those girls never had real love the way I had with you;

Who knew, someday our roles would swap and now I’m crying the tears I forced on you;

Today I sit and wish for a girl like you, but God only made one so I’m forced to substitute;


An angel from above sent to show me how to love;

Who knew that angel would be you…


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