Wish I

Wish I had the power to remove another’s pain;

Heartbreak is the hardest to wash away;

I’d choose physical pain above it any day;

Wish I could educate men so they avoid my mistakes;


To hold on to that girl before she walks away;

To show them how to love and not play love’s game;

Cause you loose either way;

Wish I could teach women to be patient;


Before they get fed up and change;

To stick with their men and not walk away;

To teach them real love is hard to replace;

To forgive and not leap from lover to lover;


To take time to heal and recover;

You only meet more pain when you replace it with another;

Hurt people, hurt people that’s cold fact;

Once trust is gone it’s impossible to get back;


Wish I could show the world my life movie;

So people can let go of fake lives and live truly;

Regret is a prison within;

Doing time forever cause you can’t escape yourself by any means;


Time only heals but never removes the memories or what you do;

So treat people better than they treat you;

For karma I’ve learnt always collects tears debt that’s overdue;

When least expected it attacks, even if forgotten it never forgets you;


We need change in life today;

Sick of the old ways;

I wish I could be that soldier who can save;

To answer all the pleas of those who beg for a better day….

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