Heaven’s Sunshine

Girl beauty like yours I’ve never seen;

Had a few I called cute but you’re a rare breed;

Without trying or effort you captured my heart instantly;

Just bieng yourself impressed me;


Eyes that penetrate a soul;

A face so pure, surely made from Heavens gold;

Thought girls like you were only found in the fairytales I’ve been told;

When Heaven made you they broke the mould;


All my life where have you been?;

It don’t matter if you’re not into me;

Just the sight of you was like my heart winning the lottery;

So I don’t mind that you’re out of my league;


Angels weren’t meant to love human biengs;

You’re proof that Heaven is not just a bible story;

You reassured my belief;

Maybe Heaven is searching for one that’s missing;


If so, as if threatend by the mafia, I didn’t see a damn thing;

This world lacks perfection, so I want to keep you around for eternity;

So when you catch me staring, I’m trying to locate your angel wings;

So hopefully I’m forgiven?;


You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen;

The dictionary got it wrong, you’re the true definition of amazing;

So if I doubted Angels exsist, Heaven just sent me a sign;

Funny I’m happy that you may never be mine;


But if the earth ever goes dark at least I’ll know why;

Cause you just stole Heaven’s sunshine……

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