Left Me On My Own

Got the news today;
You past and went far away;
Sorry I left you alone;
Was trying to get a better life;

Was sick of constant strife;
I tried to make a better way;
So we could stop begging God for better days;
Now I’m here by your grave;

Drinking and thinking of the things I failed to say;
Tears fall as I think back on high school days;
Skipping class and embracing thug ways;
Trying to act big, drinking hood memories away;

Didn’t always answer your calls;
Life got hectic, was trying to survive all of life’s falls;
Pouring liquor on your tombstone;
Wondering why you left me on my own;

Wanted us to grow old;
Tears falling with every verse;
In one instance life just got worse;
All I got left is this cemetery dirt;

To my left I see your mamma cry;
Told me you just sorted out your life;
Asking why I moved away;
Said since I up and left you ain’t been the same;

Pray you forgive me someday;
Miss you my brother, guess we will meet again one day;
But one day is too far, I need you today;
I promised I wouldn’t cry when the Lord took you away;

I tried but you were too close to my heart;
So it kind of made smiling hard;
Most people are fake;
So you could never be replaced;

I wish Heaven had a phone line;
So I could speak to you from time to time;
But all I do is write you letters with words of rhyme;
I’ll keep them safe and deliver it to you in person when I die;

You always were my biggest fan;
Said my words would change the hearts of man;
Never knew then but now I understand;
You saw my talent when I was still a young man;

Words are empty without you next to me;
Who else will understand these words they read;
I’ll never forget you and I pray when I leave;Your face is the first face I see in eternity….


  1. This is so beauitiful. i feel ur pain.

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