The Last To Know

Calls to you were always ignored;

Tears rolling down my cheek hit the floor;

If I gave my all;

Why did you stand and watch me fall;


Gave you the best of me;

But you were never pleased;

Ever ready to up and leave;

I even put you above my family;


Treated you like a queen from the start;

But you never let me near your heart;

Never let down your gaurd;

Made everyday with you so hard;


Never really understood;

Why I was never good;

Kisses were always cold;

Always felt forced when your hand I tried to hold;


Avoided me around your freinds and fam;

Pretended like I was never your man;

Wondering why, could never understand;

If you loved me why was I left feeling abandoned;


Your smile always confused;

Never showing the real you;

Made me believe you felt the way I do;

After a while I discovered out the truth;


You never loved me, I was bieng used;

You were in love with someone new;

I was raised right so I stayed true;

Pretended to be blind so I never hurt you;


But what hurt the most;

Everyone knew that you kept close;

I was the fool;

Yeah I was the last one to know…..

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