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My story isn’t the only one I’m trying to tell
You don’t buy it? Who said there was anything to sell
Fed sugar coated truths ’til they left a bitter taste in my mouth
North of the border, things are going south
Warlords applaud, and award
Those who’ll court you ‘til they’ve caught you
And as they torch yah
Remember what they taught yah through torture
Back to the wilderness
Where the willed are nest
Gun toting gorillas
They’re out here to kill us
They do nothing when childhood games turn to gunplay
So I don’t trust politicians or word they say
Out here you just have to get yo’ dreams
Because we all have our ghetto dreams

Money spender, love me tender
We’re going on a bender
You can’t have JHB without J&B
From Cape beaches to Cape bitches
I’m young so I don’t give a damn what they say
This is what it means to live and die in SA

Ndakhe ndaphupha bonk’ becul’ ingoma yam
Nje ngo Msholozi no “Mshini Wam”
See he’s set the precedent
From peasant to president
Nyana wam, nyana wam
Uzungalibali iimfundiso zam
Njengoba usiy’ e-Jozi
Uzulumke kuba kugcwel’ iingozi
Bright lights, bigger city
Lose yourself, such a pity
Sweet desserts led to deserted dreams, Las Vegas
Our Father Who art in Heaven, Lord save us
“Kunje ke eGoli,
Trust none, no one’s holy”
That’s the unexpected wisdom I drew from this stoned cherry
A Sun Goddess dressed head to toe in Stoned Cherrie
So I, changed my outlook and my address
From pity lane to the road to success

Money spender, love me tender
We’re going on a bender
You can’t have JHB without J&B
From Cape beaches to Cape bitches
I’m young so I don’t give a damn what they say
This is what it means to live and die in SA

Feeling wiser
With every glass of Jameson and Appletiser
I can smell the rot, it’s more than just a whiff
The Youth League’s too busy telling Gareth to jump off a Cliff
Too busy being a part of the problem
To ever find the time to solve them
Where the youth of SA be?
Smelling like we’re sponsered by SAB
Isn’t it funny how that works?
We are becoming anti-social as a result of social networks
Let’s Mxit up with some BBM
BEE babies in their LBDs, I wanna be one of them
This, is not the place to find love
Spending rent money in the club
Living beyond our means
We’re trying to get closer to our dreams
So many have given their lives for all this
I just hope I’m alive through all this

Money spender, love me tender
We’re going on a bender
You can’t have JHB without J&B
From Cape beaches to Cape bitches
I’m young so I don’t give a damn what they say
This is what it means to live and die in SA.


Freedom for me is, being who I truly am beyond the limits of body, space and time, that traps our souls in beliefs, opinions, judgement and fear. Freedom is being free of that disorientated mind… A mind that takes us away from heart and soul, instead clouds a being of magnificence which we fear to explore and expose to the universe, due to our insecurities, holding onto past experiences that hurt and wound us within, not forgiving and only expecting a new result repeating a cycle we have never dared to step up and out of.

However once we realize fear can be a friend and it is ok to forgive, as well as take a step forward beyond our limits or comfort zones, we are privledged to experience a state of freedom that defines a peace that is filled with a love that overflows into our surrounding environments. An experience of love that is unconditional and creates an atmosphere which fills the world with an ecstasy which never dies.
A love that is not necessarily physical bound to body, space and time however spiritual free, infinite and timeless.

True freedom is letting go of beliefs and behaviors of how one thinks it should be into how it actually is in the moment. Using that negative energy we create a positive result with a shift in consciousness, a transformational shift that changes ones thoughts to instead align ones self to being their true ‘real self’.

So do yourself a favour and choose to let go and just go with the flow, that is already present in the now. Trust and have faith instead of fear and embrace the present moment of now being open to experience a sense of stillness without fear, judgement or the need to justify every moment. Live with aliveness focused on a vision instead of dying to survive in a world in which one cannot truly escape without going beyond all limitations.

Freedom is truly Nothing…

NO-THING, a infinte space you allow yourself to loose control in that is open, vast and empty. We fear our deepest selves because it creates a loneliness no thing can truly and honestly occupy, it is an empty spaces with no label or definition, without a definition, it makes it hard for our minds to grasp however only our magnificence of soul can understand. It is a language spoken and heard in silence within an infinite hollowness.

It is the beauty of this hollow emptiness which is freedom….

I will not die

Though life has drained all my strength and left me empty,
Though it has sucked all my energy,left no strategies
I will not die…..
Though through its traumatising images it has destroyed my rods and cones
Though many have defiled my
Innocence through their sinful curses
I will not die….no not now
Though through their harmful words they have pierced my heart
And through their lies have embarrassed me…
I will live….and not die
Though sickness draws me near the dead…i will not die

Though my site is failing heart struggling to make another beat
I will not not now.
Circumstance may testify my death
People await for a cry…i will live
Till every dream is reality
Every wish is fulfilled
And every vision men can see
I will live and not die
I before the grave will stand and agrees
Spread thy wings and testify that I was here…

Where I’m from

Caught muffled muzzled fought
Struggled scrapped delivered enfranchised
Chastised misunderstood ask if you would do it?
Make promises and not keep to it? Devastate with tyranny when life has so much more to it
Produce deuces stacking corpses
Forces fists clenched pounding at hearts
Behind eyes scoped in destruction
On the flip side
We have people that reside
To scope skill
Aiming to thrill
Not kill
Heal this land
No fill
If you will?
I beg your indulgence
This place has a certain exuberance
An unattended ambience
Minus the gun violence
This loss of life is nonsense
It just don’t make no sense
Do you understand the implication of your action?
Love lost
Lives tossed
Hatred embossed
A community in constant mourning
Where tragedy comes in the morning
Another act against the enemy
Malicious intent
Better thinking defiant
People dying for Madibas
When his legacy is in his living
Selflessly devoted his life to a cause
That showed me
You have the potential
To change your situation
No need for out of body vices
I might not be his calibre
That produces keynotes
Advancing me the key to notes
Unlocking life mapped in the ink
Tattooed in the folio
Connecting me to this earth
As an inhabitant of the global village
But where I’m from there is a spillage
of trampled indigenous foliage
Still unravelling the lessons
Able to fathom
The moment I don my cap
Consciously taking life into consideration
With gusto in God’s flow.

The story of my life

Grew up without a father but became a man
Grew up without a mother but became one
Grew up without guidance but became straight
Grew up without respect but earned it
Grew up without wings but became their angel
Grew up without love but became loved
Grew up without anything but became something
Grew up without power but became strength
Grew up without courage but became comfort
Grew up without direction but led nations
Grew up without a name but sat in the hall of fame
Grew up to become them but became me
Grew up in a hopeless place but became hope
Grew up in silence but became speech
Grew up in fear but became brave
Grew up in darkness but became light
Grew up as a loser but became a hero
Grew up naked but became wise
Grew up slow but had direction
Grew up nowhere but got somewhere
Grew up to be the best but became the greatest
Grew up blind but did wonders
Grew up to become a teacher but became a preacher
Grew up as a sinner but became blessed
I might not have anything but still I am worth something…

Fear not in age my love

Not as young as she used to be.
She turns her back to me.
Her skin thinner than before it seems.
There remains the same divine valleys
where I bury my being.

Wisdom tells me to penetrate to her soul,

finding her body only the analogy.
The surface though thinner
leaves more depth in the valleys.
In darkness or light,
here I find my own integrity.

I’ll follow her into eternity.

Bench of Chance

A cold breeze and a slight shiver
noticing a smiling eye glancing her way
The thought of his kiss makes her lip quiver
Final page in her book; Closed, but should she stay?

He smiles at her uncertainty of choice,
the enters her presence with voice.
An audible greeting returned by a gesture.
So starts a relationship to fester

Conversation starts to fill the silence
a friendly chuckle makes him feel at ease
the reassuring slight touch makes her feel at peace
A passerby wonders if it’s love he senses…

Time passes as they get lost in words
the curiosity of their chance meeting
Together they decide to challenge fate!
Sharing a fond farewell they left unsure…


Just imagine
so immaculate
perfect art of creation
not a thing less
not a thing more
nature in its totality
what else does one wish for possession

Light detecting organ look seeing
having an ear to the ground
lips moving silently
tongue lost
no gold nor bronze or silver
could hold a candle to she

Deep sigh I took
deep seated upon the rock
as if I cannot walk
good lord of my rock
make me walk

The day is still young
I got to run to enter the field
just begun is the contest
radar trap has been set
advice is to advance

Giddy-up giddy-up
I am galloping
but lend me your ear one more time
let me blow the gaff
a handler of a junction box
where all cables meet
is not mine innate
a butcher knife
ruin of all hopes
me don’t wanna fall headlong

For signs and more signs
I have seen
lights flashing red gold green
red gold green
stop caution and go

This is the T-junction
me got to turn right
the light that stimulates the sight
and makes everything visible
is brighter at the end of the tunnel
whereof I shall write
make some chants
join with me
and make it right .

By Prince Shapiro


I want to breathe in the light that you shine
I want to breathe it, and become as divine
Divine as you are when you hand out your smile
as divine as when your grace rest upon the while.

Let me breath in your sorrows so your eyes keep their shine
Let me lay you down on flowers each time
Let me show you my love while my hand brush your cheek
and allow me to show the words I can’t speak…

“Magnificence” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent – Deadline February 28, 2015

| Theme:
This call theme is “Magnificence” A concept that is noble or sublime. A thing that is lavishly munificent or extravagant. An object that is of exceptional beauty, size or other feature. A place that is extraordinarily fine or superb. A person of greatness, making a splendid appearance or show. A feeling of grandness. What magnificence will you showcase?

| Eligible Submissions:
Entries may include fiction, poetry, short stories and other written explorations (up to 900 words). Previously published or unpublished are eligible. Submissions must be the original work of the applicant(s).
Open to international artists. Apply using the online form.

| Highlights:

The Gold writer will be featured in the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal complete with an artist profile review written by our art writer. From three to seven writers in total will be published in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal; showcased, along with website links, in an online exhibition on the ArtAscent website for at least two years; and, promoted on the ArtAscent Facebook and Twitter feeds.

| About ArtAscent:
The mission of ArtAscent is to promote artists of images and words, and connect them with art lovers. This is accomplished by calls for artists and writers, artist profiling, art magazine publication, and artist and writer online showcasing. Each call is theme based, with the intent to showcase diverse creative explorations of that theme via various media.

| Call application: