I will not die

Though life has drained all my strength and left me empty,
Though it has sucked all my energy,left no strategies
I will not die…..
Though through its traumatising images it has destroyed my rods and cones
Though many have defiled my
Innocence through their sinful curses
I will not die….no not now
Though through their harmful words they have pierced my heart
And through their lies have embarrassed me…
I will live….and not die
Though sickness draws me near the dead…i will not die

Though my site is failing me..my heart struggling to make another beat
I will not die..no not now.
Circumstance may testify my death
People await for a cry…i will live
Till every dream is reality
Every wish is fulfilled
And every vision men can see
I will live and not die
I before the grave will stand and agrees
Spread thy wings and testify that I was here…

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