Archives for January 18, 2015

The story of my life

Grew up without a father but became a man
Grew up without a mother but became one
Grew up without guidance but became straight
Grew up without respect but earned it
Grew up without wings but became their angel
Grew up without love but became loved
Grew up without anything but became something
Grew up without power but became strength
Grew up without courage but became comfort
Grew up without direction but led nations
Grew up without a name but sat in the hall of fame
Grew up to become them but became me
Grew up in a hopeless place but became hope
Grew up in silence but became speech
Grew up in fear but became brave
Grew up in darkness but became light
Grew up as a loser but became a hero
Grew up naked but became wise
Grew up slow but had direction
Grew up nowhere but got somewhere
Grew up to be the best but became the greatest
Grew up blind but did wonders
Grew up to become a teacher but became a preacher
Grew up as a sinner but became blessed
I might not have anything but still I am worth something…