Archives for January 21, 2015

Where I’m from

Caught muffled muzzled fought
Struggled scrapped delivered enfranchised
Chastised misunderstood ask if you would do it?
Make promises and not keep to it? Devastate with tyranny when life has so much more to it
Produce deuces stacking corpses
Forces fists clenched pounding at hearts
Behind eyes scoped in destruction
On the flip side
We have people that reside
To scope skill
Aiming to thrill
Not kill
Heal this land
No fill
If you will?
I beg your indulgence
This place has a certain exuberance
An unattended ambience
Minus the gun violence
This loss of life is nonsense
It just don’t make no sense
Do you understand the implication of your action?
Love lost
Lives tossed
Hatred embossed
A community in constant mourning
Where tragedy comes in the morning
Another act against the enemy
Malicious intent
Better thinking defiant
People dying for Madibas
When his legacy is in his living
Selflessly devoted his life to a cause
That showed me
You have the potential
To change your situation
No need for out of body vices
I might not be his calibre
That produces keynotes
Advancing me the key to notes
Unlocking life mapped in the ink
Tattooed in the folio
Connecting me to this earth
As an inhabitant of the global village
But where I’m from there is a spillage
of trampled indigenous foliage
Still unravelling the lessons
Able to fathom
The moment I don my cap
Consciously taking life into consideration
With gusto in God’s flow.