Archives for January 15, 2015

Fear not in age my love

Not as young as she used to be.
She turns her back to me.
Her skin thinner than before it seems.
There remains the same divine valleys
where I bury my being.

Wisdom tells me to penetrate to her soul,

finding her body only the analogy.
The surface though thinner
leaves more depth in the valleys.
In darkness or light,
here I find my own integrity.

I’ll follow her into eternity.

Bench of Chance

A cold breeze and a slight shiver
noticing a smiling eye glancing her way
The thought of his kiss makes her lip quiver
Final page in her book; Closed, but should she stay?

He smiles at her uncertainty of choice,
the enters her presence with voice.
An audible greeting returned by a gesture.
So starts a relationship to fester

Conversation starts to fill the silence
a friendly chuckle makes him feel at ease
the reassuring slight touch makes her feel at peace
A passerby wonders if it’s love he senses…

Time passes as they get lost in words
the curiosity of their chance meeting
Together they decide to challenge fate!
Sharing a fond farewell they left unsure…