Archives for January 14, 2015


Just imagine
so immaculate
perfect art of creation
not a thing less
not a thing more
nature in its totality
what else does one wish for possession

Light detecting organ look seeing
having an ear to the ground
lips moving silently
tongue lost
no gold nor bronze or silver
could hold a candle to she

Deep sigh I took
deep seated upon the rock
as if I cannot walk
good lord of my rock
make me walk

The day is still young
I got to run to enter the field
just begun is the contest
radar trap has been set
advice is to advance

Giddy-up giddy-up
I am galloping
but lend me your ear one more time
let me blow the gaff
a handler of a junction box
where all cables meet
is not mine innate
a butcher knife
ruin of all hopes
me don’t wanna fall headlong

For signs and more signs
I have seen
lights flashing red gold green
red gold green
stop caution and go

This is the T-junction
me got to turn right
the light that stimulates the sight
and makes everything visible
is brighter at the end of the tunnel
whereof I shall write
make some chants
join with me
and make it right .

By Prince Shapiro