Archives for February 5, 2015

Second To Let You Know

I’ve been in love a time or two;
But love feels different babygirl with you;
Doubt and fear are seemingly things of the past;
Somehow my heart knows what my mind can’t see,that this time its going to last;

What makes you different from the rest;
I’m not sure but I know you were heaven sent;
All the tears I cried were worth it in the end;
You make my life worth all the mess;

I can be myself without trying to pretend;
You love this crazy me and that means the world to me;
You love the man you see;
Somehow I know deep within we were meant to meet;

Way before God created the rivers,mountains and seas;
He already made you just for me;
Some may say im being a little extreme;
But how would they know if they never loved like you love silly old me;

Perhaps im wrong,I’m human so that could be;
But I’m willing to give it my all one last time;
If I loose at least I can say I tried;
If I win well then finally I’ll make you mine;

I used to hate love but you changed my mind;
I said I’d never fall again because of the last time;
You made falling a must and not a choice of mine;
Love was never as good as today girl did you know that you’re the reason why;

I gave love that one more try;
Beyond your obvious beauty your ways are like food to my soul;
I cherish you more than gold;
Girl I just thought I’d take a second to let you know