Archives for February 9, 2015

“why you recite my commandments”

The Lord said to the wicked
Why you recite my commandments;
And hate to be control by it.

You read the bible,
And after you don’t do
What the bible has said;
You hate what the Lord,
Has commanded;
You refuse what the bible instruct,
But you study it;
God will destroy you forever.

The bible says; do not steal
But you steal;
And commit adultery.

On Illness in Southern Africa (a poem in experimental haiku)

Cracks. Healthy fiction –
Pomegranates. Troubled life.
Bleeding fruit. Cement.

Diary of Salt Lake –
Passage into Bethelsdorp.
Myths of beloveds.

Roses. Stars. They hover –
Suffering has a numbed womb.
Cross the seas threshold.

Honed crystalline grief –
Life in the Northern Areas
Quotes luminous cores.

Houses should have dogs –
Walk, dig holes or cha-cha with them.
You’ll relive childhood.