Archives for June 2, 2017

You Feel Like Giving Up

You Feel Like Giving Up Your Tears Are Flowing Like A Tap And Somehow It Never Will Stop For Their Words Continue.

They Are The One’s Who Have Hurt You With The Years It Was Them Who Caused Your Fears To Be The Only Realities You Know.

This Is The Situation You Are Facing An Individual Without Purpose Who’s Birth Is No Mistake And With This You Have To Start Your Own Life.

You Are Filled With All The Hurt Of An Individual Who Is Longing For Just A Little Bit Acceptance, Only Wanting A Chance.

Wanting To Know What Being Understood Means Running Into Someone’s Arms Feeling The Warmth Of Their Love That In Time Will Take All The Pain Away.

You Are Someone

You Are Someone Looking For Direction Someone Just Like Me For I Too Was Where You Are And It Is The Worst Place To Be.

It Is Your Soul That Is Longing For The Freedom From The Bondage It Is In And Only God Can Give That To You.

Your Soul Needs To Be Freed But You First Have To See The Need For God In Your Life And Then Allow Him To Free You.

That Freedom Is Only A Prayer Away And Only When You Invite God To Stay Will Your Soul Find The Peace That You Currently Can’t Find.

I Know What Direction I Went With Sin And I Know What Direction I Am Currently Going In Now That I Found God And He Has Set My Soul Free.


Hush,do not utter a word
For every syllable is laced with your poisonous deceit
Refrain from pouring forth empty entices
Withhold yourself from conjouring disappointment
Peace,hold your tongue
The source of my anguish

I was loved

I was loved before I was born
before I felt the sun on my skin
before I was seen with scorn
before I came to know Him

I was loved before I was born
the moon was made for me
and each sunset and dawn
along with the deep blue sea

I was loved before I was born
by a God who loved me
Who wanted me born
for me to be happy