Archives for June 3, 2017

Dear Teen

Dear Teen I Want To Speak To You. I Know What It Is That You Must Go Through. It Is Where I’ve Been.

It Seems That You Are All Alone In Your Confusion But I Can Tell You There’s A Solution – You Are A Jewel In The Creation Crown -.

Your Life Is Like That Of A Boat Tossed From Side To Side For You There Is No Light All You Can Feel Is This Uncertainty.

But You Can Ask Me And I Will Tell You That If You Can Hope In God He Will Help You Through…

We All Were Teenagers We All Felt That We Wouldn’t Reach Adulthood But It Was God Who Stood By Us And Helped Us Through Our Teens.

You Have Cried Yourself To Sleep

You Have Cried Yourself To Sleep It Is The Hurt That Continually Creep Like A Criminal Into Your Heart And You Can’t Even Remember When It First Had It’s Start.

All You Know Is That It Is What Hurts The Most For The Pain Is The Only Reality There Is That You Must Face Daily.

The Pain Of Wanting Their Acceptance But Instead Only Receiving Their Words And Cruel Glance Waiting For Only A Chance That They Would Not Use Their Words When They Speak.

It Is Acceptance That You Seek And If You Are Waiting For Them You Will Never Get It But Let Me Tell You That You Are Accepted.

The One Who Made You Accepted And Loves You For Who You Are. To Them You Might Be A Mistake But To God You Are His Own Special Piece Of Art.