Archives for June 12, 2017

Words Are The Weapons

Words Are The Weapons That Came And Stole From Me My Individuality To Become The Best That I Can Be.

It Was When I Tried To Become Me That Your Words Started To Attack Like A Hungry Dog.

The Anger Your Eyes Revealed … The Hatred Your Lips Spoke … I Used To Think That I Was Dreaming But When I Awoke …

It Was The Dogs Who Attacked More That Bit Me To The Core Of My Being Not Ever Wanting To Stop.

It Opened My Old Wound And So In Time I Stopped To Count How Many Times Your Words Truck Again And Again That’s Why I’m Hurting.

Big Bully

She is a big bully
fighting this little girl
she fights with weapons
all the little girl has are books

why fight the little girl
have you forgotten
you too were once bullied
and then you rose to be queen

the little girl is harmless
all she wants is peace
freedom to pray to worship
let her be big bully

You are a queen
she will not remove your throne
persecute her more
give her freedo of religion