Archives for June 5, 2017


So you want to play God over my happiness
You decide when I can have a smile on my face
When I can have my face soaked in tears
You simply make and break my happiness

Why am I even crying
Am I crying because I dread the thought of life without you
No, I am crying because I hate every memory of the day we first met
I regret everything about that day

I regret every second of my life I have allowed you to waste
All I want now is to just forget about you and pretend like you were never there
I will forever regret giving you far too many chances
When all you ever begged for was only one

You think you have me right where you want me
Wrapped around your little finger eating from your palm
You’re convinced that I don’t know that love is not what you want me to think it is
My mind is blind I don’t see anything, you fool yourself

You want to believe that hitting and kicking me is just another way of expressing your love to me
When you yell, shout and scream at me all you are doing is loving me loudly
You seem to believe that all my pain and tears can easily be wiped and dried by a single kiss
We can just kiss make up and forget everything