Archives for January 24, 2013

The earth

The earth is wide, from every side,
On every hoek, you’ll find a crook,
With a hook under a doek,
The earth is free, from every creed,
On every skin, you’ll find a flea;
Which is keen, to prick your skin.

The earth is full of every meal;
Every where, you’ll find a fool, who does’nt deal;
He’ll stop the spoon from the the food.

The earth is there, for you to stay;
But every seat, has got a leech,
And there’s no peace, on every piece.

You’re put on earth, that you must pray;
But are pliers, of a lier
And all the same you’ll love the game

A song of love

If ladies be but young and fair,
If men show mirth and trust their dears;
And love is true to guide them right;
What can make love, not Waugh awhile?

Love is good but lovers spoil,
It’s meant for joy and not dispute;
For both mast love and none regret,
That is love the right way now.

They are that think that love is blind,
If lovers see, then love is true;
Whereon does the jest depend?
It’s just because they’re fools in love;
Their love is false, and guides them wrong;

Oh! Love the peace of earth,
What is there on land or sea?
To make a love without dispute,
For oh! We want a love in gay,
Without offence, and no distress;

A precious toy

Oh! What a day, a perfect day
Something is found, as the game is plaid,
Something precious and something good,
A precious toy with heart and soul

Here‘s a day with quite a spirit
A cetin man must buy some (purity)
While a cetin woman is quite exhausted
She tries to speak but make no sense
Oh! What the hell its wealth a while,
They are all relived it went so well.

Oh!!! What is that, a new world warrior
With a crocodile’s heart and the spirit of
A cat, and that’s because he’s a mix of both
A dangerous mixture you’ll ever face, in
His body run’s the blood of cannibals.

I talk about a wild beast, with shining eyes
Like twinkling stars, nails as sharp as Uncle Leo pat
Teeth as strong as ant Lacosta,
He’s a big cat in the sense of the word, but I can
Argue that he’s a croc as well,

I am blessed

I am blessed, I am loved
His grace and mercy upon my life
Is greater than the universe’s dimension
And all of Earth’s demission and demotion
Won’t keep me from my life devotion

I am blessed yes it’s true
His protection and fortification
Is stronger than the world’s defenses
In all the enemy’s attempts for my distraction
And the corruption disrupting my trail
Can’t obstruct me from my deliverance

I am blessed and adored*
His affection and devotion to me
Extends beyond pacific leans
All deceptions and confusions in my track
Won’t extract me from his Compassion

I am blessed and so are you
His love I am so eager to share
I was extruded to excellence
By my tutor a giant convection
To convey his vast press

Lord, I have been blessed,
Not only was I blessed,
But I have been divinely favored