Archives for January 25, 2013

Disgraced by hate

Is it a mad minds endeavor I paint each night
boarding this dimensional flight to no where
as I stare frenzied over the edge of what is
I am dizzy, rolled out red…
bled over the watershed of life.
Strife strikes its blunted blade
across a tirade of prodigal preaching the damned,
hauled out and slammed down filthy pits
this race… disgraced by hate.
Love suffocated…unable to breathe
as darkness weaves her way around me
I see..
ravaged hearts rusted gold to black,
a shack of unshakable poverty roams
through broken homes of bloodied glass walls
she calls…and darkness falls.
This race disgraced by hate
as though fate had set it free
we stand by silently,
our eyes closed to humanity we claw our way,
drag our souls over rows of nails
a failed nation on the rails of ruin.
Inside I die a little…
like a withering tree, brittle and bitter,
twisted up in a time of torched minds
and scorched moulds brought up without hope
as a rope strangled around my swollen throat
I choke…
Mangled clouds of torrid smoke hang high
as hate shapes this age with rings of gore
I pray the voices of the angels fall and soil these ashes.
From dusk to dawn my spirit lashes out in longing,
Lacerated and hated belonging to light
I will fight for peace as this race lives…
disgraced by hate.

The Other

Do i ever meet that insane other
who sees life through my twisted eyes
as a whole i surmise an unknown grace
like a delicate bubble troubled in love,
a mezmirizing space fulled with new and old.
I hold that thought, caught up in these dreams,
I hear your screams pierce through my life
like a knife weilding wild to the heart of me,
yet it be…
Two souls had met before our eyes did see,
before our minds did think,
before our skin did breathe.
Between our lips we speak across a time,
a time we’ve found that’s ours to keep
to shape and mould each day we wake…
each night we sleep.
Deep you slice through all,
a wall i have built crumbles to my feet
like fire’s heat to a coal to the earth…
an unmatched birth of magical.
Gentle beneath the hard wood i see through,
through lies i disguise the words i don’t say
a day dawning undiscovered and coloured,
covered up without the grey.
My heart rhythyms to the emotions of want
as i hunt breathless…
beneath the very boughs from which it stems
out and into me it cries
wrapped in a haven of soft petals and blue skies.
My eyes close to the touch of the breeze
bended knees as she carries you near
on a whisper echoed without fear i believe,
yet will it be…
That time will set us together free


Behind my desk of daily duties I hide obliged,
blind in perceived intent in days debilitating me,
grinding relentless against my need to find meaning…
my bleeding mind leaning against my breaching heart,
preaching intent I cannot grasp.
I gasp for a breath of substance of a sort,
distort in my own demand of dithering paths
like a slithering mole sniffing the trodden ground…
drowning in my intentless surround.
My splotched mind now fired up on a frigid stove,
an imposter, a trove dug up and claimed…
framed as thought the picture of perfect suffering is rule
I plunge…
posing in intent’s pool I seduce my own pseudo smile
and all the while spirit leaks from my soul.
This hovering abandoned hole day in and day out
I’ve filled with doubt of a truth led astray the stars
as hardened scars plow my unburied grave
like the brave face I wear disgraced
my life…
misplaced in this space of intentless surround.

I find my life finding me

So i am emerged endlessly in the sands of time
as living day does not yet fade nor stray dark
i find myself apart, separated from subdued sense
selflessly soaking up what surrounds me;
like the tamed breeze i feel beneath
of what passed my feet just a slight breath ago,
like slow melting snow at the foots of hills
while the cricket’s hum spills as deep blue fills the air
i am more aware of what moves and moves me.
Street lamps now aglow perched above shrubs grown
as light alone turns my skin shimmering gold
like stories around fire told dancing the bold night
sneaky shadows mould dark below my hovered hands
and shape my write of path across these sands –
just an impression imprinted as it is erased,
changed forever are these passing days breathed
and intrigue releases the new breath that breathes me.
The swaying tops of trees have caught my eye
while night’s tears of the sky cry stars still
these glittered shapes fill where clouds hung high
as i feel the lie that lives away from this grace
i am drawn closer to this infinite intense space.
Even as i smoke my burning cigarette,
admire the grey haze breathed away
not a day goes bye that i don’t question your all,
where i don’t fall through the taunt layers of time
like an old copper dime spun heads or tails
a choice at the crossroads of trails walked blind
here i find my life finding me…
just a moment i lived in this moment a mind free.

Random occurance

Random occurence has left me bewildered,
dazed in amazement…night upon day
as i eat, as i am and as i lay
my body is filled with gleeming rays.
All that is now of the nothingness that was,
unexplained from mundane to insane.
Like a filmstrip on its reel ticking round
to the sound of a heart beat
energy’s heat eats up my words…
Devoured by interest into that place between two spaces
we collide in a spectrum of two shared minds.
We hide behind our grey cloaks like clockwork
afraid of the black and white of our time
craving existance of sublime.
A whole world realms around your life
as if its been with you before,
a brilliant light through Autumn’s door,
with magical colours in constant clashing
As you are in your world and i am in mine,
my thoughts travel across tarred road,
past buildings, ocean and rolling hills
and finds you there in your solitude
like the breath of fresh air…
I am captivated in the now.

Wondering Answers

A time, then, came again of sombre
And brought the silent, swaggering ming,
Tired and hypnotized by the motion of change
Beside the leaves that fall of the years behind
And the anxious tug of thou shall seek…
And thou shall not hide.
The ink comes again in this strange, turbulant way
But now today I sit behind a different door
As the plays of life sway outside
The tide…alive with dancing droplets of joy.
But again, I am here just staring in
Through the glass at the window where I havn’t been found
A place of wondering answers…
A place profound

Galaxy of Life

Don’t be fooled by what your eyes envision
for it has risen an exotic creature beneath the sea of stars
as if many worlds, undiscovered worlds apart are true
like the sky, a mad blue, blackened with night’s jewels
of ancient navigation tools and inventions
with wings to sore the forgotten lands,
plans a born spirited fool’s way into a world unto ourselves
and I indulge…
Breathe in the darkness of the dawning day
and I stay a while…
I play a while…
the arresting heavens as my witness I pray a silent pray
of magic’s way in the moments of our beating heart
as it is through the way of created art I choose a life
not apart from love nor I that is we
but above a sea of majestic souls
scuttling about in the unknown of here and there
as I stare beyond what my eyes envision,
a colossal collision of space and Earth,
of the birth of boundless time…
And I am here…
I am Love…
As it is written by the galaxy above.

Haunting me

By night I write in silence
like the quiet checkered board in the corner of my room
violently erupting my dimensional thoughts.
It haunts the hours I am awake,
through fake goggles of glory you think you see me
creating fictitious measures of expectancy.
I pass you on the dirty streets,
behind the wheel of your material needs
you steal a glance,
and by chance you look the other way.
A loose thread curls beneath your sleeve
and you heave at the idea of imperfection,
like a cold stone dropped in a pond
a bond of nothing but a bottle of booze
rings of empty energy ooze from you.
“Reality’s” clamor of modern life
echo through the corners of town
nature’s volume turned down,
like a clown you laugh in your big fancy shoes.
History has been painted on these pavements,
spilt out and absorbed by the years gone bye.
Now shriveled up and dry you shy away
from a connection that’s begging you to stay.
But you don’t look into my eyes
and you don’t see…
the marvels that journey through me.
A closed book hooked on gas and money,
green envy of collectibles
you clown, you think its funny.
Why not walk without your shoes?
Open you eyes and look what is around you.
Feel the cracked ground beneath your feet
and look at the people in the street.
Some of us can see you.

I Breathe

My moon shun windows have been unhinged
and a panoramic mind binged on self deplore freed
Indeed by the defined journey I’ve moved through.
Through you the miraculous reflections of self-love I find
once blind, now bare to the rendezvous of this world,
of sound mind I realize my every breath is filled
as I am willed towards the prodigy I feel around me
I breathe…
and life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
My solo soul drum beats its pure sound
of unbound rhythms found above ground as I stargaze
my eyes glaze over raving in shimmering light,
feeling every word that I write authenticated,
painted across my heart untainted…
I aspire to be a living love…
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
I am not alone with thought as I walk,
wobbling along the road of existence I implode
knowing another heart in hand senses what I feel
as though the wheel of vitality destined it to so be…
so it be…
A waterfall of awakening spirit I drink its sugary taste,
mingled around my space…that place you give me,
and a gift I graciously give to you…
my undistorted expression undressed I stand astonished,
forgiving regrets I’ve gathered on my shawl of shame
as if a new name within my name has unearthed me
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
The bird of dreams sang to me one morning I woke,
invoked in me the music I once spoke without doubt,
and now as you attract me out from my hiding place,
leave your unforgettable trace amidst my days
I find new ways to stroke my pen across this page…
Uncaged…an aged energy of new I feel within you
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.


I fade away in tears this twilight
as my fears sense the blackening sky,
the elusive night choking the presence of day.
I hide alone in my cellar,
drunk with the stench of my own odor…
wrenched up between “filthy” thoughts.
You crush me beneath your sweaty palm
as you lurk in your soundless shadows
that carve away the decency of my “sickening” mind.
Infested they say it is,
fizzled with rot…
drizzled with uncharmly things.
I curse them with my numb tongue…
these dirty bastards,
I cleanse them with my salivate mouth.
Perhaps I taste the sour life in their veins,
Insane I suck the soul from their weak bodies
to fill my own with another man’s thoughts.
I kiss their wicked lips…
That red evidence of my crime,
allow them to taste their own death…
As they too fade away in tears this twilight.