Archives for January 31, 2013

Sold to my soul

The solemn mood is right now out here
and the yellow hallowed moon burns bright
to write my mind vomit spilling out.
By starlight the dazzling night is cold,
sold silently to my waking soul
as I find this conversation on the other side.
Arid leaves have fallen to the ground below,
up on my roof, again I’m slow to melt away
like light Summer raindrops quenching gently,
fears trapped in tears wash away what’s in me.
Burnished beams of light from inside
out and away into the dormant night
you take flight and expand the heavens.
My thoughts carried rapidly through my mind
as I am lost in some kind of enchanted tale
I find the words I inhale on this page,
a centre stage, my own master puzzle
guzzling, flowing forth as my pen takes shape.
I escape, unraveling line by line
splattered out across a surreal time
as though a new painting still against a wall
I fall…
drawn deep into my perplexing dreams
as this night’s realm captures me.
I gaze up into the stars above,
think about love as life breathes away from enemies
I feel you touch the scars that have cut me.
Time travels through my eyes
as the skies mirror what earth beholds
I am sold…
silently to my waking soul,
I am whole if just for this moment in time
in this I find my own divine.
Beyond the fine line that separates a world of hate
I stand knocking at the gate of grace,
Heart, body and mind open to the space in dreams told
I am sold …silently to my waking soul.

Love feels gone

For years I have watched the seasons go by,
dry and shrivelled inside this wondow frame
I look beyond yet I am still frozen inside
Alive and dying on my bed of fallen pieces left wanting,
Hunting the outside for what seems to be never mine.
Winter has fractured my mind,
twisted my spine to shape its unescapable relm
of hidden tints and under tones
that roam the hours of this sour place
I face delemma daintfully, dedicated
as I have failed to eradicate what I can’t escape.
It’s the same hours now that pass my rusted window
still yearning the lust that gusts by,
by and by the wind cries as I cry alone
alone….love feels alone,
Love feels gone,
gone is love from my home.