Archives for January 29, 2013

Desire’s Fire

It is desire’s fire that frees me from the forgettable
derived from delusion’s wondering eye of dire,
roaming around in squandered robes of pretend,
it offends me…
Idly it bends the very mending of heart’s love
as loves exquisite stitch tries to weave her tapestry
I live in her…I desire her very soul…
as a whole I am absorbed by her in mutual absolute
like the root of an aged tree to the rained ground beneath me
this is we:
Gracious energy like the first touch of your skin,
you within me within love we are free,
beneath my fingertips you feel what my lips don’t speak,
three freaks…you, me and love unique.
Inside your eyes a cascading world is locked in mine
as I find I spiral to the depths of your desire…
that fire that frees me from the forgettable.
My hope exists in and beyond love this way
as I lay dazed in a maize of vivacious bliss
as though a first kiss of deep gentleness yet known…
I am alone waiting to fall.
When love knocks on my heart’s door she will know
through the windows of my wild wanting soul
a new kind of whole let go to the energies of life
as we swing rushing on passion’s wing
like the voice that sings lyrics of hear felt feeling
reeling you in…true believing.
I so crave every piece that exists as your being
seeing beyond just that sexual feeling,
devoured entirely by the way you move,
by the way you move me…
how I feel when I see you feel me
as love is desire’s fire that frees me from the forgettable.
Love bares no chains to those who really see
the exquisite stitch weaved in her tapestry be
her captivating eyes…
Home to her true desires.


Bereavement is a pain,
Worse than being lashed or chained
It crushes and destroys you mind
No one for it is trained,

By it every path is drained
And every learner’s book is stained
Nothing is left, not even a grain
For you to plant after the rain

You are lucky you are not slain
Or pushed out into a drain
There will be nowhere for you to claim
Even if you fell with a plane

Bereavement is a pain
That tares your heart and soul apart
It banes your flash and leave you ash
No one will dare escape from it,

Running from it only makes it worse
You’ll even wish you faced it soon
Having being suppressed and looked for long
Makes it wild like bruised Elephant

It’s a matter of time before it explode
And blow up on your face
And then you’ll truly understand
That this world is not for you to gain
It for you to get a strain,
Until you join the zombie- match.

Bereavement is a disaster
Worse than earthquakes and flutes
It shakes your world and flushes your trust
No one will rescue you from it

Its thunder rows like a hungry lion,
The storm it makes is excruciating
The time it’s over
You’ll witness the damage, your eyes, your body,
Your soul, will tell it all

Bereavement is a torture
Worse than the rack and electric shocks
No one will persevere the pain