Archives for March 8, 2013

Imprisoned by love

You are all of nature’s beauty in one face
You have a smile that no one can ever erase

You stole my soul
And made me whole

You own me completely
Make me do everything so weakly-
Because I became your slave
The day you saved me from all my self-destructive ways

You want everything to be demystified:
Just me, my naked soul

You hold me in the palms of your hands
Your every wish is my command

Without you to guide the way
I will stray,
So with you forever I will stay

All is All

Almighty unified.
Almighty glory.
Almighty merciful.
Almighty peace.
All heavenly father.

All that is one.
All that is distant but connected.
All that holds all the knowledge.
All that holds time.
All that knows the bounds of space.

All that creates.
All that destroys.
All that is All.

Your love is All.
The All that I need.