Archives for March 13, 2013

I am suppressed

I am suppressed by my imperfections
Those flaws which become the guarded walls of my existence
My faults that become the definition of my character.
The unspoken truths of my heart

I am suppressed by the expectations of my forefathers
The ladder set before me which I cannot climb

I am suppressed by my failures.
Opportunities missed
Unforgiving foes
Lack of judgement in my hour of youth.

I am suppressed by those moments
Moments of inability to dispel the serpent of sins
Moments where my eye of the future was blind.

All these things
All these faults and moments of shame
Remain mine
Remain written in the stop of my life.
These moments will forever haunt me
Will forever stay the shadow of my nights
Will forever suppress me…

Oh Yes I Am a Killer – And I Like It

Yes I have killed and you can’t blame me
I killed an ant that terrorised me
It ate my hard-fought food
And that fuelled the feud
It fed on my children’s stuff
And I beat it with my staff
Yes I killed and I’m proud of it

Ants killed me emotionally
They made me a killer myself
It’s true I have killed
And it’s not the first time

First, it was a big cockroach
I killed it alone unassisted and then it was a fly
I took my sharp hatchet and killed it instantly without a lie
The police saw everything – but they are my friends
I am a killer and I am happy with the title dear friends

I will continue killing them
I will shoot them with my sling
And kick those who follow me
And I will always enjoy killing them

I don’t care what the seemingly sane people say
I simply do what I like
I kill the ones I don’t like
Oh yeah, I admit, I am a proud killer

I don’t mind going to gaol
As long as I have accomplished my goal
It’s nice killing these folks
And they are my worse foes

Let everybody help me kill them
Killing has never been so nice
Only death will stop me from killing them
They break into my house
And they messed up all my kwaito and house music files

And now I will move up the ladder
I will have to finish all the mice
I don’t need a cat to do that
And catching them will be very nice
I can do it with my bare clean hands

These bastards – damn it – they make me angry and hungry!