Archives for March 17, 2013

let it go

i love you echoes in my ears
though from a distance

as the wind sweeps them on the tee barks
grass and the sand
lingering, through tiny hole
body in cold eyes watery
hands shaking
remains my communication language

he, walking lackadaisically
as if it did not exist
without heart and care
after the venom,breaking
the fragile heart,
memories start haunting
like a winter wind

tears dry ,forcing a smile
though heart is bleeding
accepting the future ,
and forgetting the past,

Will you be there?

Will you be there when I rise again?
When the phoenix in me arises?
Will you be there when the universe gives me
the applaude I deserve?

When haters are left with no more hate for me?
When my glory shines even brighter than the morning star?
When I have conquered all odds?
When I have risen above and beyond limitations and boundaries?

Will you still be there even when you have
realised the greatness I posses?
When you’ve realised the marvel that I am?

Will you be there at my worst point in life?
When the walls have crushed on me?
When darkness seems to have won?
When beauty has faded?
When wrinkles have taken over?

Will you be there?and
love me still?

Walk with me

Though I may journey alone upon this path.
It is destiny that leads me.
My strength,a song in my heart.
My companion,a haunting melody.

If you should find me lying weary,
Broken upon this path.
My strength at it’s lowest.
No music in my heart.

If you should look into my eyes,
And see where I have been.
Would you offer me your hand,lift me up.
Would you walk with me.

I wish you’d remain young

I wish you’d remain young and innocent as a
newly born lamb
I wish you’d remain chubby,jolly and sweet
like the morning star
I wish you’d remain fresh and blossom
like a sunflower
I wish you’d remain with your sweeter scent of trust,
with your perfect smile,
and beautiful eyes,
with your contagious laughter that brings
the smell of freshly rained soil

I wish you’d remain the gentle untainted soul
that careses my life
I wish you’d remain the purest pure of purity

I wish you’d never have to feel pain
or the sight of cruelity
I wish you’d never have to witness
poverty and frustrations of life

I wish you’d never had to know the reality
of failure and disappointment
I wish you’d never have to
frown,curse or regret

I wish you’d never have to think
you know more better
I wish you’d never have to bite the hand that feeds you,
or take the easy way out

I wish you’d never want to leave
your skin colour or background
I wish you’d never be too lazy
or too curious of the unknown

I wish you’d always remain true to yourself and roots
I wish you’d never loose your ways,
customs,beliefs,dreams,religion and language

I wish you’d remain true,kind and respectful
I wish you’d never loose your way
or your virginity

I wish you’d remain young,pure,good
and always mine

Kiss of death

As you lay in this street,
Your body broken,mangled,
Your blood dripping of my hands,
Bones and intestines on display.
You cannot speak.
Your eyes they beg for release.
My mind understands your plea.
But my heart,
Every thing that is my heart says no.
If it must be mercy,
Then death’s kiss for you,
Must be thunder and flame.
Close your eyes.
Find a better place.
The last sight you see,
Must not be me.
The tears in my eyes,
Blurs my vision.
I place the gun against your head,
Hands shaking.
Hoping my aim is true.
I pull the trigger.
For you.
This will be release.
For me.
This is where my life ends.

She was

She was sweet,lovely,kind and cheerful
She was one of a kind,always cared for everyone,
always gave away our old clothes,
always gave me a good hiding whenever
I lost my school jersey(a habit I’ve since lost)
with a wet bath cloth in the bath

Always gave us a fit when we didn’t
finish our plates,
“People are starving and you’re ungrateful”
Being a kid then I didn’t understand
but I do now

I was my brother’s keeper,being the firstborn,
back and forth from creche I would take him
I hated it then,
but when another kid would make fun of him
I would in a heartbeat try to discipline that damn kid!

She left that day and somehow,
I knew that she wasn’t coming back
as she’d often do
It was June the 12th when we were told
of their passing a day after my birthday
we almost cried our eyes out but luckily we didn’t,
imagine being blind and parentless!
It was June the 17th when she was placed
in a brown box,she laid in it,
as beautiful as I always remembered her,
but she seemed numb,cold and lifeless,
I thought however that the box seemed
too small and stiff,but anyway it mattered not,
since it will be put in a six feet pit,which will be decomposed
by the earth and all the worms and whatever that lived in the earth,
in maybe a day,or a week or a month but definitely
It will be tattered and just bones left

She was our everything
She was our mother and provider
Our protector and disciplinarian
She was our guardian and mentor
She was our rock

She was our mother.