Archives for June 19, 2013

Lost Soul

Once upon a time, I saw a shooting star…

When last was I so lucky, last time I went to Kentucky
The man with the wink in the eye, gave me a wish upon the sky

I grabbed a shining star, that exploded on the tar
Hell has closed it’s doors, as I’ve found a brand new shore

Deep in the ocean I find, the treasure I left behind
Diamonds and gold, are never to be sol – or so i’m told

Three wise men came from the East, and showed me to the beast
Greedy for my loot, the scale tipped on my foot

The crib was in my site, the called him “Jesus Christ”
How could I be such a fool, to think the Devil’s eyes were blue?

The beholder of our future, whereupon you find a broken picture
I see a dark moon rising, as the shattered glass surrounds me

I’m just another tiny star, shining down on you so far
To protect you from the evil, from the darkness of the devil

You hold the key to my destiny, I shall wait for thee – eternity
For the path that I have taken, was a martini stirred, not shaken

A can of worms left unopened, when the Titanic hit the ocean
How can you mend a broken heart, just follow a brand new path

You will find the land of milk and honey, where there’s lots and lots of money
For the wisdom of the owl, cannot re-direct my soul

Oh Lord, don’t let him win, for my soul’s not worth the sin
The train has finally stopped, as the devil made his gruesome shot.


When I drown my eyes in bloody tears,
And infants spit in my mouth, elderly curse my name
Then worms eat my flesh,
And God denies my name, Dear:
A day missing you… is worse than that.

When whips lash my back,
And dogs rip my skin, vultures gobble my eyes,
Then my family mourns my death,
And my brother shoots my face, Dear:
A smile missing you… is worse than that.

When they slit my throat and sell me cheap,
And demons kick my head to smash that skull,
Dear: a laugh missing you… is worse than that,
For a life without you… is worse than death.