Archives for June 25, 2013

Dear Sister

I have been told you fear to look in the mirror,
scared of what you might find.
Like dandelion dust the walls of your heart have fallen;
into pieces the domains of your heart have been broken.

I need for you to feel the strength in your knees,
feel the assurance of tomorrow in your thighs
I know the stride is not with ease
and with the harshness of pain, time flies

I need you to collect yourself again
measure your worth as if the Earth was at your submission
slavery has not bound your spirit to eternal suffering,
neither has rape robbed you of your body

And with each tear, grow a little stronger;
Hold your smile a little longer
Princesses like you will one day inherit a kingdom
Remember, pain is just a part of wisdom

Next time you come across a mirror,
acclaim yourself a precious rock
dance to the beat of the beauty within;
After all you are a daughter to a King

Table Mountain

The mild Cape Town winter weather
triggers blooming of the Heather.
The Erica shines their lanterns
among the Foxtail Ferns.
The white clouds overhead feather.

The Silver Trees create a foil
against which the flora toil.
The King Proteas are gearing up
to supply a feast for birds to sup.
The Cape Cobras in slumber coil.

The Aloes have many a use
and can withstand much abuse.
The fiery red Cape Honeysuckle
led the cultivated hedges to buckle.
Mountain fires lit by the obtuse.

Our proud heritage was in full bloom –
a rambling pathway the only room.
Scorched earth, naked and black;
sustenance of the soil now sadly lack.
The canon on Signal Hill boom.

Official New 7 Wonders Inauguration of Table Mountain in Cape Town: 2 December 2012