Archives for December 12, 2013

Until The End Of Time

Niteman, you were there when nobody gave a damn;

Although you’re my nigga, I consider you more like fam;

You’re like the brother I always wished for but never had;

Us meeting was part of God’s master plan;


Although we ain’t blood;

You’re my nigga, my thug;

And Thugs never fall alone;

If you’re in trouble you need only pick up the phone;


You might not understand the reasons why;

That’s because I live a private life;

My emotions are hidden like a disguse;

But it’s the small things you did that stopped me from committing suicide;


Because of you, my words will change the world and impact our youth;

Instead of them praising me they should be thanking you;

That’s why on this stage of fame;

When they introduce me, I’ll call your name;


You’re the reason I never gave up and I’m alive today;

You showed me what true friendship is and it’s hard to find;

I’ve tried but those around me just pretend and lie;

Friends like you are the reason people like me rise;


I’ll never leave your side;

If I pass before you and it’s my time;

I’ll be waiting for you at heaven’s gates to welcome you inside;

Nigga’s for life until the end of time


I Understand Your Pain

Girl I’ve been there so I understand your pain;

Lonely nights full of memories can drive you insane;

Wondering why love did you this way;

Trust me you’ll be okay;


Time doesn’t heal, even though that’s what they claim;

You’ll have to face each memory before it will fade;

There is no escape;

No matter how far you run away;


Stuck inside your self, death row sentenced everyday;

God plans everything, even those things we consider mistakes;

You learn from every single one you make;

Tears are the lessons we learn whenour hearts break;


I can see behind that smile, yes the one hiding your frown;

Keep your head up, a heart is always harder to break the second time around;

He will get back all the pain, karma always returns the favour when people let you down;

I wish I could live the misery you face right now;


I can heal a broken heart, I know how;

You will find a man who’s been where you are;

That will cherish your heart;

But you have to learn to let go of the past;


Heal within so you can start to forget;

Or love will fail with every attempt;

I’ve been down this road too many times to count;

I know about fear, regret and doubt;


Take my hand I want to help you out;

I don’t want to take advantage of your broken heart;

I want to give you a brand new start;

Everybody makes mistakes;


But I can help you find an escape;

It’s never too late;

Just listen to what I have to say;

You have nothing to loose anyway;


Let me show you the way;

See I’ve worn that same expression on my face;

So I can relate;

I understand your pain