Archives for December 18, 2013

I’m Enduring This Pain And Tears For The Youth

Lately I have leaving on my mind;

Wanting to return to my birth place in the sky;

Pain and tears I’ve had more than my share and it made me wise;

But I know I’m still young and have a misson that needs completion;


So my every move has to be a calculated decision;

Too many people are depending on me to heal their pain within;

That’s why I’m always staying on my grind and never giving in;

I’m writing these poems everyday and late nights just for you, that’s my sole reason;


I love all my people and live to set them free;

From all their scars and past memories;

So they can make the best of every breath they have left;

I endured struggles young so I could help the broken and educate the rest;


I’m not a king or claiming to be one of the best;

I just wrote God’s exams on life and passed all the tests;

It took me 10 years to finally learn all this;

Time wasted are now daily regrets of past times I can’t get back and  miss;


Regrets are a prison within you, I want you all to understand this;

A prison you never escape from and it’s a 25 to life sentence;

Cause you can’t run away from your own soul;

So those regrets follow you wherever you go;


This is what parents should do;

Instead of protecting kids from life, tell them the truth;

And teach our youth about the mistakes they made and the pain they’ve been through;

So they can be smarter than life and not be blind youth;


We need to educate our kids on the issues of life even if they have school;

So when they meet life they won’t get ran through;

When trials come, cause they will, they will know what to do;

So even though I have leaving on my mind, I’ll endure the pain and tears for the youth;


I sacrifice my soul for every one of you, this was never about me, it’s about love and I love all of you.

Are You Still?

I’m alone on a playground;

Girl lost in your hometown;

Searching for you but you’re no where to be found;

Are you stilll in love with me?;


Like the way you used to be;

Or has the flame dissapeared;

Loosing you was my biggest fear;

I wish I still had your love here;


Tears are the only reminder of your memory;

So much time has passed and I’m still stuck;

Haunted by thoughts of us;

I wonder if I ever cross your mind;


Or am I alone this time;

I took your love for granted, I wish I loved you right;

Staring at photographs of you and I ;

While tears blur my vision as I cry’


The biggest part of my heart walked away;

When I still miss her face;

And those girls around me can’t fulfill this empty space;

Begging God to give me the power to go back in time;


To relive the days when you were mine;

I’ve been broken even though I told you I was fine;

When the truth is babygirl I wish you were still mine

So Easy To Praise

Ever since the day we first met I just haven’t been the same;

I fell in love with You because You allowed room for change;

And even if my life’s story is based on mistakes;

Getting saved was the best decision I’ve ever made;


It’s not about the start, but it’s about the finish that matters in any race;

Where the world writes me off You give me never ending mercy and grace;

Before I fall You run to my aid;

Without a second thought You part the clouds and never once do You hesitate;


The smallest things You do puts the biggest smile on my face;

I’m still trying to change my ways;

Anyone else would have given up on me and thrown me away;

But there You are still changing me stage by stage;


I’m a sinful man and refuse to shift the blame;

My sins are the reason You left Your throne and came;

Your depth is far to hard to explain;

Troubles fade just at the mention of Your Name;


To see your smile through the sun upon Your face;

Is the reason You’re so easy to praise;

Not a thing I’ve been through would I ever want to change;

So thank You for all the tears, lonely nights and pain;


That is the reason You’re so easy to praise.

Thought I’d Let You Know

You are the reason I smile;

You are never too far to hear me cry;

You are my protector so battles I never need to fight;

When darkness creeps in, You are my shining light;


You catch my every tear as I cry at night;

You consider them more precious than diamonds that shine twice as bright;

I still fail to understand why I mean so much to Thee;

When all I seem to do is hurt You selfishly;


Why would a King leave His throne just to come and rescue someone like me;

I always thought I chose You, when in truth You had me on Your mind that day You died at Calvery;

How everyday You still surprise me with the smallest of things;

You show me love when I don’t deserve a thing;


When I have no where to turn, when I am about to loose all hope, there You are;

A crack need only begin to damage my heart and You hear from a far;

Where would I be without You;

That’s why I’m so thankful I’m part of Your chosen few;


It blows my mind to think somone cared about a nothing like me;

Someone who gave up their life so eagerly;

Someone who didn’t need too but chose too;

No words could express the depth of love I feel for You;


But this You already know;

For this my heart is forever bound to You like two ex-lovers who just can’t seem to let go;

I love You Jesus , I just thought I’d let You know