Devil in my bed

He rubs your back to soothe your long day,
he sends you hearts on yours to play
He fills the holes in your dads’ shoes,
Perfection you seek in his eyes deep and gloom
What smells this rotten?

You wake in the morning combusted by lust,
is this love, is he someone I can trust?
The emotions run high but clouded by confusion,
is this need I feel or his intrusion?
Just what is causing this discomfort?

You smile so spontaneous in minutes it turns,
to bursts of screams and flaming burns
What are the odds that this is not meant to be?
Such a silly though but inside grows the seed
How can warm feel so cold?

His arms around you in broken glass and frames
Why is he spinning me around in these games?
Up and down and up and down and……..fall
Why didn’t he catch me he just stood there tall?
Something hurts inside my chest.

The mood is sombre moist and cold
Why do his arms suddenly feel so cold?
I want to run but where do I go,
he has taken my only shelter I know
His skin is turning grey why?

His fists so hard every stroke intended to be fatal
who is crying harder me or my soul in the cradle?
How did it turn so wrong it’s not meant to be?
Why is my Romeo this beast I see?
O why can’t I run?

As clear as the night in his eyes!
I had the devil in my bed all this time.

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