I find my life finding me

So i am emerged endlessly in the sands of time
as living day does not yet fade nor stray dark
i find myself apart, separated from subdued sense
selflessly soaking up what surrounds me;
like the tamed breeze i feel beneath
of what passed my feet just a slight breath ago,
like slow melting snow at the foots of hills
while the cricket’s hum spills as deep blue fills the air
i am more aware of what moves and moves me.
Street lamps now aglow perched above shrubs grown
as light alone turns my skin shimmering gold
like stories around fire told dancing the bold night
sneaky shadows mould dark below my hovered hands
and shape my write of path across these sands –
just an impression imprinted as it is erased,
changed forever are these passing days breathed
and intrigue releases the new breath that breathes me.
The swaying tops of trees have caught my eye
while night’s tears of the sky cry stars still
these glittered shapes fill where clouds hung high
as i feel the lie that lives away from this grace
i am drawn closer to this infinite intense space.
Even as i smoke my burning cigarette,
admire the grey haze breathed away
not a day goes bye that i don’t question your all,
where i don’t fall through the taunt layers of time
like an old copper dime spun heads or tails
a choice at the crossroads of trails walked blind
here i find my life finding me…
just a moment i lived in this moment a mind free.

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