Random occurance

Random occurence has left me bewildered,
dazed in amazement…night upon day
as i eat, as i am and as i lay
my body is filled with gleeming rays.
All that is now of the nothingness that was,
unexplained from mundane to insane.
Like a filmstrip on its reel ticking round
to the sound of a heart beat
energy’s heat eats up my words…
Devoured by interest into that place between two spaces
we collide in a spectrum of two shared minds.
We hide behind our grey cloaks like clockwork
afraid of the black and white of our time
craving existance of sublime.
A whole world realms around your life
as if its been with you before,
a brilliant light through Autumn’s door,
with magical colours in constant clashing
As you are in your world and i am in mine,
my thoughts travel across tarred road,
past buildings, ocean and rolling hills
and finds you there in your solitude
like the breath of fresh air…
I am captivated in the now.

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